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Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is an important necessity when buying or selling a home or commercial building. Structurally unsound buildings can be a great risk to your family or business, home or commercial building, and finances. Over the years, we at American A-1 recognized a correlation between weak foundations and water damage. For the past 25 years, American A-1 Waterproofing has diagnosed, repaired, and restored foundations to create a safer home or commercial building, equitable investment, and 100% satisfaction to its customers. We hire a structural architect to approve our work and are inspected by the local municipality to ensure all repairs are within proper building codes.

Our Foundation Repair Services:

  • Replace Foundations (includes architect plans)
  • Repair Foundations
  • Reinforce Foundations
  • Replace Entire Basement Floor Slab
  • Bracing and Structural Piers
  • Replace Deteriorating Sill Plates
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