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"Roland is fantastic. He is very specific regarding the work he does. He does underground waterproofing. He has been very accurate, polite and very responsive. He provides explanations when there are delays. He is very keen on following through. He started the work recently and so far, I have been pleased with the way he has presented the information. He called me at the end of the day and made sure that I knew exactly what was done during the day. He will continue to do that until the project is completed. He is licensed and insured. The other contractors that I had contacted were very ambivalent to be concerned about permits. That was one of the biggest reasons that I had decided to use him. He is very forthcoming about information regarding his insurance and licensing. He even helped me get the permits from the city; he took care of that. He is part of a professional organization. I plan to use his services again in the future." - Fran A., North Bergen, NJ
"Roland and his crew were great, clean, professional, prompt and very accommodating to our company's needs. They went above and beyond my expectations; the project was completed within the time frame and the basement was left spotless upon completion of the French Drains. Thank you to everyone at American A-1, and you too Bob!" - Sara D., Morris Plains, NJ
"These guys are terrific. Roland and his team were prompt, courteous, professional, informative, and completely willing to discuss the various solutions that would achieve our goals. Many of these guys have worked for the firm for 10, 15 or 20 years - this is obviously a great place to work and everyone took pride in the finished product. A 2-day job became 6 days of work due to the (not unexpected) poor condition of my foundation; the crew worked on Saturday and didn't make me wait to complete the job even though they must have had had other jobs to get to; they stayed at my site until the work was completed. Once onsite, they worked with me to design and install a drainage system to address persistent issues with runoff. Absolutely the best value for money of any contractor who has worked on my home in the 11 years since I bought it. My boyfriend is a construction manager for very large projects and he also was delighted with the work performed and the results. Bottom line - a dry basement, and I will never leak again!" - Dian T., Mount Tabor, NJ
"There are times you spend money on a contractor and question your choice. Not with Roland and crew. Everything was clear from first day when he inspected property and recommended what should be done to stop the leak that has been plaguing us since moving into our 1870's home 4 years ago. Some people came in and recommended spending 3-4 times more. Roland's plan was simple and honest. Excavate the outside of our stone foundation taking care to support all walls, build a new wall if needed, backfill and regrade around 2 sides of house. The work took 4 days, with a crew of 3-4 each day. No fooling around, these guys worked their butts off. Everything went according to plan. The crew even took extra time to spread extra dirt in spots in yard that had some dips and to use some left over stones from the excavation to form a little stone circle around some fruit trees. I love these guys! Everything was professional, thoughtful, done on time and I cannot say enough good things about them. If only all contractors were this great! I would use them again and I highly recommend using their services. Cannot be beat!" - Robert C., Hillsdale, NJ
"Two words best describe this company: Ability and Integrity. They take the time to listen to you, then they outline a solution to your problem, and provide a detailed description of the work they will do. They guarantee their work, and they do the work they promise to do in their estimate. There's a bit of mess during the job, but they leave the site virtually spotless when they're done. After the job is complete, they follow up to see if you're happy. I have no qualms about referring American A1 to friends or family and I would not hesitate to use them again. From the owner to the project estimator to the crew they are a class act." - Russell T., Landing, NJ
"American A-1 was fabulous and really great. They did a wonderful job from start to finish. They were excellent. I was most happy with them. I just like the way they handled everything. The guy came out first and showed me everything. It was very professional and the work was done beautifully. I haven't had a drop of water in my crawl space with a lot of big rain and snow storms. Their price was a regular price and it wasn't terribly expensive. I would tell the other members to absolutely use them." - Susan K., Elmwood Park, NJ
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